For volunteers from outside Łódź, a limited accommodation will be available.

As you know, ’State of the Map Europe’ is a non-profit event, and for organizational purposes we need people who can help us on a volunteer basis.

For volunteers from outside Łódź, a limited accommodation will be available.

During the event, we will need volunteers who will be ready to support us in Łódź — mainly on the premises of the Łódź University of Technology. (Unless other requirements are mentioned).

What do we offer in return?

We offer volunteers:

Starter pack


Free meals


Resume certificate


Work in groups

in group

Grate timespend

time spent

Who do we need?

We will need help in the following areas:

Taking pictures

Taking photos during the conference.

Video support

Recording videos during the session.

Media support

Responsibility for the event's presence on social media. Remote cooperation is planned.

Guest services desk

Support during registration of conference participants. Checking tickets at the entrance to the event area.

Organizational support

Preparation of packages and badges for participants. Assistance in transporting and arranging banners, conference tables and sponsorship stands. We need help before, during and after the event.

IT support

Helping with technical issues in conference rooms: connecting computers to projectors, checking audio systems, room lighting, furniture rearrangement if needed etc.

Session host

Announcement and introduction of speakers before the speech and conducting a question and answer session (Q&A) after the lecture. Observing the list of questions during the session.


Answering phones in emergency situations: injuries and other health problems, lost and found personal items, helping people lost in the city, etc. Taking over tasks from other departments in an emergency situation.

Become a volunteer

If you want to participate in the organization of SotM2024 EU as a volunteer, please fill in application form. Also, feel free to ask us questions: volunteer@openstreetmap.pl

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